Website Design

Online, first impressions mean everything

When a prospect lands on your homepage, you have 10 seconds to catch their interest before they bounce. And in that handful of seconds, they’ve also evaluated your credibility from your page load time and site design. 

Needless to say, you’ve got a lot riding on your website. In fact, it’s the foundation of any company’s marketing strategy. A strong website helps you at every stage of the funnel – it helps you get found, persuades prospects and maintains your relationship with loyal customers. 

Website design and development services

  • Complete website design and development – We offer affordable WordPress template sites and custom-designed websites. 
  • Content clean-up – Have a solid site, but it’s a few years out of date? A content audit and health check will identify what work needs to be done to improve search rankings and ensure everything is au courant. Ideal for small businesses who only need a few hours of website upkeep per month. 
  • Content writing – No piece of content is too big or too small, we’ll write whatever you need – from blog writing to landing pages. 
  • Content marketing package – Typically part of a larger monthly package and is fully customizable. This could include flexible hours to write whatever is needed that month, or a set content plan including blogs, articles, or case studies

WordPress website design

Ideal for: start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.

Description: This is the best option for cost-conscious small businesses. You can choose any WordPress template theme from the Divi library at no cost, and hosting packages start at just $14/month

Our design agency partner creates or updates your word mark (a text-only logo) and selects images, fonts and colours that match your brand. We work with you to create your key messaging, site map and all website content. You’ll receive a finished website, complete with branded WordPress theme, licensed stock images, writing tailored to your audience, analytics and SEO optimization.

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Custom website design

Ideal for: service industry, retailers, medium and large enterprises.

Description: A custom site has a higher price tag simply because of the added expense of our web developer partner designing and coding a site from scratch. However,  the look of the site is unique and sophisticated and allows for more complex features like multiple languages, a members-only area, interactive graphics or calculators.

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Website design FAQs

What’s included with a website?

  • Basic branding (wordmark logo, hero images, colors, fonts, brand guideline, and social media template)
  • Development of key message for homepage
  • Competitor research
  • Category and product SEO keywords
  • Configuring Yoast SEO plugin, and site metadata
  • Selection and licensing of stock images
  • Setting up Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google My Business
  • Researching, writing, and editing content for all pages
  • WordPress theme selection, customization, and site structure

What’s your development process?

  1. To generate an accurate price quote, we work with you to determine: 
        1. How many pages are required?
        2. What information do you need to share with your audience? How much material is pre-existing and what needs to be created?
        3. What functionality and features are required? What are you trying to accomplish with your site?
        4. When does your website need to be completed by?
  2. To get the project started, you’ll have to sign your service agreement and pay the initial deposit.
  3. We develop the site structure and select your template.
  4. Up next, we brainstorm the homepage’s key message and identify SEO keywords.
  5. We work with our incredibly talented design agency on your branding and hero image selection.
  6. Everything flows from the homepage, so that’s where we start our writing and content development. 
  7. Once you’ve approved the homepage content, we move onto writing all remaining web pages. 
  8. The final flourishes are applied to your branding. 
  9. We build and test your website. 
  10. And lastly, your site is deployed live upon receipt of the remaining balance. 

How much does a website cost?

As a general starting point, a complete WordPress template site starts at $3,000, while a custom-coded site starts at $15,000. But again, every project is unique so be sure to contact us for a more accurate quote!