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A quick chat that’s worth a thousand words

Even the smallest start-up can have 24/7 customer service. Add a bot to your team and never miss a sales lead, appointment request or opportunity to impress.

Bots are becoming an essential part of both B2B and B2C business. Not only can virtual assistants lead to a 99% improvement in customer response times, they have also been shown to save businesses up to 30% in customer service spending. Companies with well-built bots see more sales, relevant leads and higher conversion rates.

But finding the right builder – and actually using it – can be daunting. That’s where we come in. Bonny Read’s extensive knowledge of the ever-changing chatbot industry means we’ll be able to find the right builder for your company, set up your bot and create seamless conversations.  

Bonny Read is a certified Landbot agency!

How will a chatbot help grow your business?

Chatbot marketing is known as conversational marketing, a name that says it all: creating personalized, purpose-driven conversations between the bot and your clients and leads. The average small and medium business (SMB) doesn’t need expensive and complicated artificial intelligence to reap the benefits of a website chatbot.

That’s where we come in. A great chatbot isn’t coded by a developer – it’s designed by a strong writer and marketer specifically for your business.

Here’s what a bot can do for you:

Increase traffic, leads and sales

  • A bot works 24/7
  • Leads self-qualify
  • Capture important information behind-the-scenes about pain points and interests

Nurture leads

  • Separate high interest from low-interest leads
  • Targeted offers
  • Customized next steps for their buying journey

Provide a better customer experience

  • Connect prospects with the right information or person
  • Provide support faster
  • Real-time interactions
  • Accessible

Increase engagement

  • Bots have higher conversion rates than forms
  • Stimulate conversation and interest as soon as someone lands on your site

Lower cost of doing business

  • Handles basic customer inquiries
  • Takes on redundant tasks, freeing up time
  • Low maintenance costs

What kinds of business chatbots are there?

Types of Sales Bots

eCommerce Bot
Separate incoming inquiries by customer segment and recommend the right solution or product for them in real-time.

Lead Generation Bot
The latest research recommends that companies respond to inbound leads in less than 5 minutes for the greatest chance of conversion. A lead generation bot can gather qualifying information, score the lead and help route the most valuable prospects to a representative for follow-up or live chat.

Nurture Bot
For leads still higher up in the sales funnel, a chatbot can recommend relevant videos, blogs, or e-books. Bots are quickly replacing forms for gated content.

Appointment and Demo Scheduling Bot
Cut out the middleman and let prospects book a demo or appointment time that works best for them.

Fundraising Bot
Lower friction by collecting donations within the chat and drive home what a difference their donation will make through multimedia storytelling.

Types of Customer Support Bots

Customer Support Bot
Gather details about issues or concerns before the ticket is submitted to customer service. The bot can also recommend the next steps which the user can try in the meantime.

Answer prospects and current customers’ most commonly asked questions in a more human and interactive way.

Feedback Bot
Inject empathy into your feedback collecting, offering dissatisfied customers an immediate path towards resolution.

Types of Marketing Bots

Quiz Bot
Give your audience a pop of fun with an interactive, multimedia quiz bot!

Storytelling Bot
Chatbots aren’t limited to just text. They can take users on a journey, telling your organization’s story and creating a deeper emotional response. Charities are chatbot storytelling pioneers, experiencing great success.

Campaign Bot
Unique chatbots can be developed for separate marketing campaigns and interact with prospects on any platform – websites, landing pages, social media, email, or PPC. Bots can collect contact information, increase brand awareness, distribute promo codes, and more.

Amplify your brand voice a thousand-fold

AI bots require human training and guidance to understand the intent behind a user request and select the appropriate response. Conversations are scripted from start to finish, ensuring consistent brand voice and user experience.

And that’s why you need a chatbot writer.

Depending on the type of bot, you’re designing one or both sides of the conversation. You don’t want to highjack the conversation, put up unnecessary roadblocks or be too pushy. Putting the users’ needs first ensures they get the best customer experience possible.

Your chatbot needs a tone of voice and a personality that matches your brand but is still representative of someone your audience wants to interact with. Most importantly, the bot needs to display empathy and match the context of the bot-human interaction: should it be instructive, supportive, or humorous?

For a lot of companies, chatbots act as an interface between marketing (top of the funnel) and sales (bottom of the funnel). An experienced conversational marketer ensures your bot provides users with a smooth transition, speeding up their buying journey.

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